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Softphone solution for your PC or notebook, with video capability

As an alternative to a conventional handset an IP softphone is an increasingly common alternative in a number of environments. IP softphone is a software application that runs on your PC or notebook. In call centres it provides an easy to use and lower cost alternative to a convention handset and headset set‑up. Consideration is needed on how to manage call flows and voicemail as unlike a conventional handset, an IP Softphone will only ring when the software is logged in.

For tele‑workers and workers on the move the Avaya IP Office IP Softphone enables the user to have all of the functionality and connectivity of the office phone system in their home, or indeed anywhere they have an internet connection. With calls being passed securely via the internet, call costs are minimised as they are still being placed by the office telephone system and not through expensive mobile phone connections. Video capabilities complete the package.

Avaya IP Office IP Softphone Fusion Systems

IP Softphone technology requires use of the PCs audio and video capabilities so to complete the solution a PC headset is required, although with a notebook with integrated microphone and speakers these may be sufficient. Headsets are available from a wide range of manufacturers.

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